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Cripple Heart - text

I am not the reason
for you to feel so sad
I have swallowed every
bit you ever gave to me
your revenge won't make the pain
( to ) go away
there ain't no heroes in this game
let me help you one more time
come closer
fade away
Maybe you lost your heart forever
together we're gonna find a way
baby I'll put you back together
I've got news for you
everybody wants impossible
everybody thinks that innocence is gone
they are wrong
ain't no use of killing me at all
did you that I buried
every insult in my heart
did you hidden sorrow
eats slowly up inside
your revenge won't make the pain(to)go away
we are the victims of our game
you're my baby
cripple heart
come closer
fade away
Maybe you lost your heart forever...
Break me down
let it go
you can take it out one me
maybe you lost your heart forever..

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