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So many times, I've been lost
And blinded by the light
Caught up in a maze
Now I feel just like a wolf
Who forgot how to fight
And frozen by the haze
I was a hungry mean beast
I'll never be satisfied
Always looking for the next feast
Wailing for the next ride
* Like hell, I'm gonna do it like hell
Like hell, I'm gonna rock you like hell
Like hell, I'm comin' at you like hell
Like hell, I'm gonna shock you like hell
Just one more sip to ease my thirst
Another for the fire
That's all I need
The time has come to break the spell
Or give in to desire
There ain't no in between
No, I won't stay and take it
Get caught up, standing still
Looking for a day to shake it
Looking for the kill
* Repeat
No more hiding in the shadows
Runnin' from the light
No more cryin' when the wind blows
Howling at the night
* Repeat

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Thunder in the East

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