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texty piesní

Lilja Bloom’s name has been popping up in the musical world for a number of years now. Often unexpectedly, but also exactly where one would hope, always to the point, but still untouchable. She refuses to appear on stage and there are very few interviews or pieces, which reveal more about ...
the secretive artist. As a multi-talent she invests as much of her energy in her painting and design projects as she does in music, and sees them all equal in terms of their ability to express her artistic feelings. Many different pieces can be found in her atelier, which when put together create a cross-media completeness which one piece alone cannot transmit. While Lilja Bloom is not a classic singer in the traditional sense of the word, the impact and distance of her voice has had a major influence on her husband, Parov Stelar, and his albums. The desire to create music as a solo artist grew from the joint work with Parov, and lead to the first single “mother”, being released a few years ago. (

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