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It's Seiji, baby
Soft with my bitch, hard to you suckers, like I’m sandman
Dive in a bag, lil' bitch, I need my bands man
All my fits bust, so these bitches call me bandman
I'mma hit it once, score four times, it’s a grand slam
Bitch I’m tryna chase down a couple bags of chips
No salsa but we soft steppin’ with these fuckin’ sticks
My Patna Glock like the can can it really got a kick
Got my demons in the back, if we slide you better dip, bitch
Brody like a wizard got that stick up in his hand
Watch how he point it at you suckers, break you up just like a band
Why your nerd ass talkin’ stupid, so I know that you a fan
Man I ain’t even trippin' tho, I’m just countin’ up my bands
(I'm-I'm just countin' up my bands)
(I'm-I'm just countin' up my bands)
I stay down with my brothers so you know we goin’ up
Got these suckers speakin’ on us now they really fuckin’ up
I ain’t trippin’, but my bro is, yeah he really walkin’ up
All that shit irrelevant I’m just strictly ‘bout these bucks
If I slide I’ll tear it up like my ACL
My bitches saucy, they got bands, your bitch broke as hell
This dirty got me seein’ double, I can’t even spell
And I could snatch and pass her off, so I might as well
A bitch gettin’ bold, I'mma play her like a symphony
Heart been cold, I don’t ever show no sympathy
Dumbass, so I'mma lay it out, in all simplicity
You ain’t gettin' dick from me, then you ain’t getting shit from me

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Lil ricefield texty

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