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Yo, one time, two time
This is a rap from Eggenfelden
mit dem ich mich jetzt bei Euch melde
Oh when I see your smile
The whole world smiles to me
For every kiss you'll give
Oh I'll give you three
Oh I'm walking talking through the night
Looking for you girl, wanna hold you tight
Every night and every day I see
Baby that you are the one for me
Cause in the night and in my heart
I feel your love, don't tear apart
And in my heart and in my soul
I feel I lose myself control
Oh every day and every night
We are like a little satellite
Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight
Oh why you said it's hystory
Baby our love is mystery
Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight
I want to share my world
The whole world just with you
And if you be my girl
I'll make your dreams come true
You'll never find a love like mine
Baby baby we are right on time
I'm gonna lock my heart again
Baby if this love affair will end
Cause I miss you and you miss me
Baby that's reality
And I need you and you need me
Baby you're my destiny

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