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Bye, Bye! (feat. Elis) - text

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Hey .... It's our time, Come on, One two ...
Well don't speak I won't listen to a word
I'm not so stupid I saw you with her
Looked happy when holding her hand
Don't try to tell me that's just friends
Oh no more lies
You lost my tries?
I was so blind
When I couldn't see
your wily? eyes?
Hey boy, bye bye ever? ... by self
... Take on with somebody else
And gone, ... try say the same old lie
You had a chance but you wasted it ...
Hey boy, bye bye .... by self
...., take on with somebody else
If you, have gone to ...... last your pride
You will go out of my life
Hey boy
..... I wasn't ... safe ... wine
For your money? and just for fun
But ..... I don't work like this
Get out of my flat and I try to forget
Oh no
I'm .... up on you
it .... broken heart
And I finally start to live my life
If you think that I'll come back
Baby you get it wrong
Cause if one ..... wins .... a time
no more soldiers leave us alone
Hey boy
Bye bye

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