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What can happen will,
And I've fallen again,
Too afraid to pull the plug,
But sick of waiting for the end,
And I've never been more concerned,
With the things that I'm told to say,
I try to force emotion,
And my feelings waste away,
So I'm stuck alone in this world,
Uncomfortable in my skin,
Shattered glass cannot be fixed,
I will never be normal again,
Laughing at my pain,
No footprint,
No stamp,
No voice,
Nothing to say,
Laughing at my pain,
No footprint,
No stamp,
I waste away,
You were given the choice,
To be a face but never a voice,
To put everything you have,
Into something they will never grasp,
I destroy myself,
In one ear and out the other,
No room for my real mistakes,
Nothing meaningful to blow my cover,
All together now,
All together now.
Forget my words,
Fall back in line,
Do what you're told.
Fall in line,
Erase my soul.

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