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[Intro: Knoc-Turn'al]
I'm a do me
I'm a do me
You gon' do you
You gon' do you
I'm a do me
I'm a do me (yes)
You gon' do you
You gon' do you
I'm a do me
I'm a do me
[Verse 1: Knoc-Turn'al]
I'm the most underrated rapper of all time
So why do you accept those that bite my rhymes?
Me and Eminem ride for D-R-E (Dr. Dre)
Me and X (Xzibit) was in the club bout to blast off heat
Quik (DJ) told me to be all I can be
Nate (Dogg) is my "Dogg" him and Warren G
They recognize the Ridah in the driver's seat
An even 50 Cent said he'll ride for me (ah, get em)
We somethin' like Gangsta Rap cousins
On my daughter I'm a die for I let you touch em
You know I like livin'
Enjoyin' myself and I ain't bullshittin'
You don't move me wit fat mouth and lippin'
And you don't want to see me out of retirement trippin'
I got a lot to live for
And I'd be damned if I change one bit
I like the way I am
You understand?
[Chorus: Knoc-Turn'al]
Put your hands up, come off them grams
I ain't trippin' that's the way I am (the way I am)
And if you see me wit heat in my hand
You better duck, that's the way I am (the way I am)
I can't believe you got up in them pants
Sexy lady, go on, do that dance
Come on over when you sick of ya man
And we can chill, that's the way I am (the way I am)
[Hook: Knoc-Turn'al]
I don't know that girl, I just met her
Sippin' on sour Amoretta
She gon' do her thing if I let her (yes!)
But I'm a bounce cause her friend looks better
I like the way she notice me
I like the way she got herself in V.I.P
If she sees K-N-O-C
She gon' chill and wait out front for me
[Verse 2: Knoc-Turn'al]
Who do you know that rides for the Coast
With a new breed and style of Rap like me?
I had the patience to study the game
Dr. Dre made two Chronics and this is Chronic III
I make classic hits and buy classic cars
And see classic hoes at classic bars
Knoc just stepped in the spot and the "girls all pause"
Magic stick , I break down walls
Got my heat if some shit jumps off
Really, you steppin' to me is a lost cause
Party animal, here since a 1/4 to 10:00
Baby face, 6'2" wit a L.A. brim
I got Shell-Toes on - I don't wear them Timbs
Got hoes, got weed, and a gallon of Gin
Ain't no tellin' what I might get in
The first night, do it right, I'm a do it again
Come on
[Chorus: Knoc-Turn'al]
[Knoc-Turn'al talking]
You know where we be, in the club
Come find me, I ain't trippin'
Air is free, so what ever you wanna do
For real though
Huh, it's just the way I am
[Chorus: Knoc-Turn'al]

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