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Black is the sky as it reaches so high
the king -our dragon- who leads us to die
waves they are pounding against our side
again on the search into glory ride!
Sails to the west- from the east the wind blows
hearts without weakness, bloodlust it grows
wrath overcoming the minds of all men
kill or be killed the strong only (will) stand
Black waves now punch against our side
Waiting for battle, all souls filled with pride
Hail to Valhalla - fight til Ragnarök
Hail - the dragonships ride- to where the black clouds kiss the sky
Hail - to Odin who leads us to slay the weak - our path to Valhalla
On the horizon the shore now is near
white rocks in sight now the aim it is clear
Down with the sails and up with your swords
Deathbringing brothers, beserks with swords
Beserks with swords
Slay - the fools who dare to fight us
They shall be punished for their weakness
Slay - the wimps who hide in their houses
shall be punished for their weakness

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