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Still I have visions and fear of the wise
His prophecy still in my head
When shadows of pain in his crystal ball rised
a funeral for us he said
Dont fear the past, brother, dont fear the last
day of this war tomorrow well win
I am with you and you are with me,
So let the battles begin...
And in this final night we screamed into the dark
True are our hearts, blank is our steel tomorrow well march off to war
Brothers, Brothers One sword, one shield, one will
Brothers, Brothers The wish of our King to fullfill
The thunder is rising, the battle is here
So let our swords sing, spread pain without fear
This castle must burn, so now storm the wall
The first is a hero, the second will fall...
Songs of the furious, Hymns for the brave
In bloodlust we conquer, in bestial rage
To men behind you, a sword in your back!!!
What is to do? Defend or attack???
I saw my brother and the hostile blade my past crushed through my mind
I saw the king, the Knight... And Fathers decision was right...
Sons, my sons, Give all your heart to the King
Sons, my sons, The only way this war to win
Strong Youngster, are you willing to bring me all your power and loyality?
Yes my King!
So stand up as a knight in my realm and let your sword keep honour and pride!!!
Strong Warrior, do you want to dedicate all your strength and devotion to me?
Yes, my Sire!
So stand up and be a knight beyond those who care for salvation and justice!!!
As I remembered the King, the sword it hit my side
Sinking down, I watch my brother... And this is our time to die... :-(
Brother - oh - Brother I die, I spill all my blood
Brother - oh - Brother I failed in the last war I fought...
Brothers, they were Brothers, out in the fields now they died
Brothers, they were Brothers, Death found them in eternal pride
And so both of us died
In a holy battle
To let our King survive
When our soldiers found us
there was an infernal cry
which shattered the sands of time...
Brothers, Brothers, Brothers,among us...

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