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Vol 1. (Swollen Members - Night Vision) - text

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I been at this for 12 years without benefits
my sentences rock the bed while yours are just sedatives
But it's ridiculous, that kids are always missing this
too busy listening to Thrift shop that they don't give a shit
nowadays if you got views on the internet
or if a hundred people click "liked" on you images
maybe just maybe you can tell me what the difference is
between being cliche and borderline trendiness
you like to laugh and sit and giggle like some hypocrites
I like to rap and scare you mothafuckin chicken shits
You're not the king I'm not the king either, idiots
I'm just a Blind man but don't call me oedipus -
mothafucka...get it? Can you riddle this?
riddle me this riddle me that, i've got intelligence
limitless like bradley cooper, super man kickin this
flow so disgusting, you can call me licorice.

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