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Vol 2. (Andre Nickatina - Ayo for Yayo) - text

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Well, in elementary I sported a mullet
lightning bolts on the side, fuck it
never combed it kept it rugged
swore to myself I would never buzz it
might as well throw in a rattail, man
my mom's got pictures, Blackmail! damn
I was young that shit was cool
moved to a new school, kids were cruel
I guess I'll rock this mushroom cut
under cut, but never brushed that stuff
It wasn't what might've looked the best
but i still didn't care if I looked a mess
grew my hair long like kurt cobain
four-eyed geek with some nerdy frames
girls shot me down like german planes
needless to say there were jerks to blame
when i cut it all off and i lurked away
... but I noticed that the girls had changed
they thought of me now in some dirty ways
yeah I could get used to some flirty babes!!
High school days - caesar cut g
girls stop saying that "he's so ugly"
lead em on a hunt like the Easter bunny
But I only gave a damn if my beats were funky
at least I'm funny, well, somebody laughed
After high school, nothing but hats
unruly bed head i'm coming to class
back at university summer went fast
.. still wore a hat, it got longer
loved to headbang every rock concert
started to stray from the hip hop monster
hot chicks rock mixed with the pop genre
.. new direction ... emo hair
blonde streaks make people stare
I'm sorry if I just don't seem to care
now I gotta find new jeans to wear
...but that goes to show
that it doesn't really matter if I chose to grow
my hair like this bro, I told you so
cuz it'll come and go like frozen snow
I mean yes, yes, I don't look like a rapper
the point is that I could if I had ta
but when it comes to the hooks and the laughter
the crowd knows I'll be whoopin ya ass, bra!
it's for every person out there
supporting my shit when I curse and shout yeaaah!
making it bump like a burglar downstairs
i just did a whole verse about hair!!

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