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5:30 am always comes to soon
open the blinds get up and stretch in my sunny room
you're still asleep on my pillows, let's get on the move
I gotta drive you home babe.. you just wanna snooze
you're so friggin cute. but babe we gotta go
I gotta get to work, and you and I put on our clothes.
double windsor neck tie, time to rock n roll
grab your shoes, running late, let me lock the door
drive you home, saying nothing cuz we're both tired
or is it cuz you don't wanna be a cold liar
You never came to my show I dunno why you're
staying silent like a Church with No choir
I asked you one simple thing, you know what troubles me
i saw your text to him and i turned the other cheek
it cut me deep, and I let it slide for a couple weeks
You don't speak and I'm the one that doesn't sleep
That's where you'll find me, find me, find me
Just hanging from my necktie, neck tie, neck tie
Why'd you have to lie to me, lie to me, lie to me
You said everything was alright, oh it's not alright it's not alright
and I can't sleep.
I just don't sleep.
no sleep last night, stepping in the shower.
doze off for ten minutes cuz the water's louder
around my head, my heart breaks everytime I've found her
time to drown her out, this taste is getting sour
Yeah i'm talking bout you, tried to forget you
there was a time I would do what you'd said to
hmmm stupid me, I probably still would,
to some extent, whatever makes you feel good.
you dropped the L word, and then you took it back
would you look at that, I shoulda looked at that
but you hooked me back, You made me say it too
I could have hated you. I should have hated you
but your eyes, your eyes, your goddamn eyes
when you looked at me, I believed your rotten lies
like when you said you swear you only talk to guys
but I saw you kissing him.. fuck..

It's time to let me go, stop making promises
You'll just break them anyways, I don't got time for this
I keep falling for your bullshit, no common sense
how many times did I say that I want you, miss?!
hmm too many times, I'm just embarrassed now
I put my nice clothes on, and my hair is styled
hang the tie from closet, kick the chair right out
You never cared, you built me up just to tear me down
maybe you'll wake up and come and help me down

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