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Five Finger Death Punch - text

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(King Dylan)
you wanna step to me, you got a problem?
you drank heavily, just keep talkin
You're not awesome, you do this often
I don't wanna have to do it, you'll get dropped son
one voice telling me, calm yourself dyl
don't start the war, til the bombs and shells, spill
act right, smart life, monsters bottled up
you won't blow up cuz your concert was awful, bud!
Sick and tired of the fire you lit up
i could fill up my insides with lies and liquor
the other voice egging me on to just hit em
with a little bit of energy, get em, and straight rip em
with rhythm, Dylan - call me a warrior
got me asking you what are you sorry for
teach you a lesson, a beast of aggression
speech is my weapon, i'm keeping you guessing.
Never have I ever backed down before,
I'm Not the type to turn and run, cuz I want more,
I will give u a heads up an tell u to walk away,
and if u don't listen to me, I'll gladly rock ur face,
I can take a punch, I can take 5 or 10,
don't get me wrong, u won't be landin them,
So stand really tall, and grab all of ya friends,
its a come one come all event until ur dead,
"Wait, stop, don't do this" she screams,
but I can't hear logic cuz my heart beats green,
like incredible hulk, a man apart from his team,
I'm Rippin u to shreds from ur arms to ur spleen,
So as I back up and take out my tooth an kick off my shoes,
u get ready to swing, not knowing ur going to lose,
Counter the punch, u take 5 to the chin,
ur vision is dim and ya chance is slim
(MC Mossberg)
so who's this kid in my space, amazed I'm getting beaked at
I'll give you some props, you got balls, engaging "beastman"
let's get some sleep and we can leave it at that
or I could tuck you in you can sleep on the mat
it's just talk bravado, am I rollin
now if you're finished, I'd like to get goin
take note, patience is warned, you get warned
you fuck with the bull you're gonna get the horns!
SNAP! and that's the sound of a wasted fuse
incredible hulk, yo they call me Raging Bruce
with fancier footwork, a jig with steel-toes
I'm stickin you up while the switch is in "kill-mode"
Whoa! and you came asking for what?
trouble with sleep and now the savage is up
I came for laughs and suds but now I'm jackin punks
you shoulda planned ahead and called the ambulance, bitch!
(GQ & King Dylan)
I fight for my love and I fight for my freedom
it's not just a game, It's not Just Game

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