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Disheartened - text

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Hey. I think I'm screaming into deaf ears
fading in the dark as i'm dreaming for the best years
... I refuse to beg for your attention,
what am I to you, my friends, why aren't you answerin'?
I'll keep performing even when you've all walked away
I will not betray my heart, I'll fuckin rock the stage
block the rage - gotta keep a smiling face
Tell me all your pretty lies and I'll just keep a silent gaze
... and erase the desire
to walk up and punch you in the face, you're a liar!
tell me what you think I want to hear, or maybe just
change your mind again whatever, it won't phase me
I'm beyond the state of being jaded
I've waited too long to say that I've made it
i've been deflated and pumped up and hated and loved
i've been cheated and played with enough.
Days fly by and i feel old
oh man i'm - i'm getting old, i'm so tired, i'm so tired of this hole
that i'm stuck inside, you're fuckin blind and you don't even know
your friend is dying and you don't even know.

well maybe "Dying" is a strong word
slowly dying inside from these monsters
putting all my effort into concerts
bleeding my heart out on these records no one wants ... it hurts
But I don't think about sales or profits
cuz that'd be nails in coffins
but i hear tales of nonsense
about how you'll always be there but it fails to process.
Is it because I'm so rude and obnoxious
you said you dig the tunes i'm confused now, exhausted
i need to sell it new and improved with the hotness
but yo, I don't wanna lose what I've got
this wouldn't be the first time you've heard me complain
I'm just looking for a person to blame.
tell me what i'm doing wrong, curse me to shame
at least tell me I'm cool before I burst into flames
(Chorus plus Bridge)
so do i need to explain this
nobody said this would be easy or painless
and i agree i won't trade this
for anything or anyone i'm pleased with my patience
maybe I can dream about seizing the day then
I can be the rose that'll squeeze thru the pavement
but it feels like geez, where's my place , and?
does anyone believe in the dreams that I'm Chasing?

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