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The devil's sitting on my shoulder again
handing me a bottle of rum
my angel's crying, telling me not to jump
cuz I'm like a blind man Looking for the sun
I'm like a dying man, waiting for God to come

The world is so cold
keeping faith is like an everyday job, and just to breathe you need to poke holes
and it's controlled by some bozos
Right & Wrong are just words, and you can't believe in photos.
the truth is blurry, I try not to worry,
I'll do my best to prove my hands are not dirty
but you wanna hurt me, and tell me that you love me
well love is beautiful, but you made it ugly..
I'll never lie to you, but maybe i just might hide a few
skeletons, i'll tell my friends, to try to keep it in a private room
whatever I try to do, i'm steppin up to the highest view
so i can see clear, let go of the tears, but still I've feared when i would lose
I've made mistakes, i've faced the flames, the gates of hell awaits
I'm strugglin nobody wants to be here when i've got nothing great to celebrate
you're sort of the jealous fake snake-types this fella hates
I wish i was blind so i didn't have to see the devil's face
I crack the fireball whiskey, I love the cinnamon taste
not much of a drinker, but i feel like I'm gettin sick of this place
I opened up to you, and all you did was spit in my face
I'm losing a friend today, my heart falls and a bit of it breaks
and I can't shake it, I've been hated before
but I can take it normally you went and created this war
and you've invaded in my space so find your way to the door
I've got a heart but now I dunno what i'm saving it for
and There's no escape plan, but I'm still on the run
I don't wanna chase your love if i'm not the one
if I'm not the one
well the devil made me feel okay
he put his arms around me and said
that I'll be fine without love
but I'm just a blind man looking for the sun
I'm just a blind man looking for the sun
I'm just a blind man looking for the sun

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