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Day Is Coming - text

I was the light, I was the last one
The one who got you up and got you clean
The one who dressed your wounds at night
Here's what you earned, you are clear white
A mixture of the good and of the fair
But mostly I'm just terrified
But oh, give me my wish, give me my dreams
If only for comfort and forgetting
I will be under
I'm bleeding but I'm healthy, it's aesthetic
The bones of which I'm walking on are sewn to the ground
I am carrying a torch with the light I cannot see
Take me to the answers
I'm the one who's listening
I'm the one, the only one who knows about your scars
The way that only you and I do
But oh, build me my bridge, build it so I can rest
So only my eyes will be shut slow but only under it
You break like the rest
You take like the rest
I'm cold like the rest
I'm under you and they're all listening to you
I lie like the rest
You yield like just like the rest
I'm bound like the rest
I'm dyed blue and day is coming
Day is coming
Day is coming
Day is coming
Day is coming
Day is coming
Day is coming
Day is coming
Day is coming

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