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A cold night when i was young
I made a wish that I'd be on a radio We used to let it go
Tongue tied and awkward silence
But inside I scream to hear me on the radio
I coudln't let it go
You, you tought that I would break
That I would hesitate
Well look at me now
You, you swore that i would crush
That I would never last
Just look at me now
On the radio
Late night, winter Chicago
Ten years and still I listen to the radio
And then it starts to snow
The station's frequencies
While dream and ?
Finally they starts to show
I'm on the radio
You, you talked a lot of shit
And ? quit
Well look at me now
You, you said I'd never said
But I know you're listening
Just look at me now
You tought that I would break
You swore that i would crash
You spit a lot of shits
Well look at me, just look at me now

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