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You won't believe what I just heard on the radio today,
our government must have gone mental all sense has gone away
Their newest plan's imposing quotes concerning employees,
because they want to see more immigrants work in our companies
An application for a job and you're best qualified,
imagine you're not getting it, just because you're white - that's right!
They only accept immigrants, so you're falling out
Reverse discrimination is what it's all about
Where is this all leading to? This madness's got to stop!
I'm sorry sir we don't need you - you're too white, too white for this job!
Times are hard, increasing unemployment in our land
They give our jobs to immigrants, can you understand?
Of course it's better than profiteering, living on welfare,
but I don't agree with the way it goes, it simply isn't fair
Has it really come this far that we're on second place,
a new dawn of apartheid but this time against our race
Step by step they take away our rights now can't you see?
To benefit the immigrants, well fuck this policy

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