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Long ago in ancient times when evil ruled this land,
when warlords fought their bloody wars for their empire to expand
In these dark days some stood up with ideals so pure and true,
the warriors from ancient times, the strong, the brave, the few
A strenght from ancient times, forever to survive
The way of the warrior is a blueprint for our lives
Onwards to victory in honour we shall stride
The way of the warrior: A sense of pride
Many were prepared to pay the highest price,
to defend their blood and soil they gave the ultimate sacrifice
A certain death or victory, no options in between...
The spirit of these warriors, a strenght since long unseen
The honour of a warrior, a power deep inside
To protect their holy fatherland, they would always stand and fight
Proud of the land and heritage, an inspiration to us all
Whatever happened to the warrior spirit, can no one hear the call?
A sense of pride!

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