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Have you seen the news today? Another terrorist attack
A man walked in the railway station with a bomb strapped on his back
Blew himself up for the love of his god and left many white people dead
Muslim fundamentalists, what goes on in their heads?
The railway station in Madrid and London's Underground:
An example of the way they want to bring our culture down
They took their holy war to european soil,
Islam should be banned because it's OUR land getting spoiled
Number one thread nowadays,
a religion so vile and dumb
We won't yield for it's twisted ways
or for the scumbags that it's coming from...
Rock against Islam!
I get so sick of all those Mosques, those silly hats they wear,
can't stand their stupid monkey language, I hate their women's facial hair
They've got a different culture, different morals and other thoughts
I don't approve with their beliefs and I spit on their god
Another thing I can't understand, another thing that really bothers me:
Their prophet's name is Mohammed and he's a paedophile, you see
He married a girl just 9 years old at the age of 54
and this is the man that muslims hail, they're sick and that is sure
Rock against Islam!
Rock against Islam!
Rock against Islam!
Rock against Islam!

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