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Oi! Oi! Music (skinheads) - text

People stop they stand and stare, they don’t like us – we don’t care We’re the pride of our land – working class and white, for our nations glory we will fight Violence is our way of life, we fought our way through trouble and strife What we like is battle reds, heart of a lion – we’re Skinheads! Chorus: Skin, Skin – Skinheads! Oi! Oi! music – yeah we ain’t red scum! Skin, Skin – Skinheads! We fight to win against the communist threat Oi! We are white warriors on the streets, strong and brave – we’re the fighting breed Ben Sherman Shirts and Levi Jeans, they say we’re the devil but we’re twice as mean We’re the sons of Oi! and we make a stand, against political correctness in our land When we fall we’ll rise again, we’ll battle till the last we’ll never give in! Chorus No time to rest until the war’s been won, until our culture’s freed from the communist scum We love Oi! music and we love our beer, we don’t want no commies here They can take our freedom but never our pride, we will soldier on through the endless night We’ll slay the beast – at the end we’ll win, the freedoms flame will burn again Chorus(x5) Skinhead!

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