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What has happened to Mother Europe, there's misery all around
Evil crept in and it's on the attack to tear her to the ground
Our blood and soil's polluted and our skies are turning black
The time has come to make a stand, yeah it's time now we fight back
Freedom for the European people is what we're fighting for
I look up to the heavens above me and I pray to the Gods of war
We've got to stick together now for the future of our kin
The time has come to face our foes, let the final battle begin
Mother Europe - our honour's true!
We will protect you, we would die for you!
Mother Europe - we will save you from decay!
We will always stand by your side,
we'll stand our grounds yeah we won't hide!
Mother Europe - you'll be free again one day!
Our hearts once filled with passion, are now in grief and pain,
but deep inside these tortured hearts our honour still remains
Our people must awake now - a revolution's what we need,
or Europe's going down the drain destroyed by Alien greed
Listen to what I've got to say, listen to what it's all about,
the leftwing lies are destroying our lands, politicians all sold out
It's time to make a stand as one for Mother Europe we all hail,
to clean the mess the reds have made since communism failed

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