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Inbreed Skinhead!
He wanks off while he's watching American History X,
saluting in a mirror - is how he gets his kicks
His jacket's full of patches, done up like a christmas tree
Oh no - here he comes, I hope he doesn't talk to me
He's an inbreed - he's a basket case!
He's an inbreed - he's got a funny looking face!
He's an inbreed - he's a "special" guy!
He makes me laugh, he makes me cry!
He's only got one eyebrow - he's got the most extreme Tattoos,
in an IQ competition against a codfish he would lose
He misses a few chromosomes - his DNA's gone bad,
his mother is his sister and his cousin he calls "dad"
He talks just like Chewbacca, no one ever knows what he means
He wears both belt and braces, so he'll never loose his Jeans
His idols are Beavis & Butthead, the resemblance is clearly there
And he always has a happy smile and a goofy looking stare
When we play a concert, he'll dance to every song
The others in the moshpit are tossing him around,
he just love the attention when they punch him to the ground

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