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(Starts with Roddy Morano of the Oppressed talking s***)
We all know OI! music is, and always has been white
Singing songs about our heritage and pride
Rocking for our destiny, we won't side up with reds
Comradeship and loyalty, the spirit of skinheads
Roddy moron's full of s***, he looks like he's got AIDS
Such a little man, who hides behind his mates
Roddy never was a working class,
that's just a made up story
He's living of the backs of the working kids
in the name of his glory
Give it back, give it back
give back the OI! to the white working class
Give it back, give it back
give back the OI! 'cause it belongs to us
Roddy thinks he knows it all, but we don't give a damn
... Sharpskin movement, a moneymaking scam
The kids will see that they've been had,
that sharp is one big lie
All that bulls*** Roddy, you can never justify

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Give back the Oi! the White Working Class

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