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[Verse 1: Khalil]
What you wanna do girl? What you wanna do
We've been on the phone, we've been sending texts
When you coming through girl? When you coming through
I don't wanna talk, I just wanna see what's next
Girl bring your behind to me
I promise to give you what you need
Tell me your fantasies
And I guarantee that you won't ever wanna leave
[Pre-Chorus: Khalil]
So let's say you want your way cause I know I'm turning you on
Ain't no play like foreplay at three o'clock in the morning
And ain't no way the neighbours ain't gonna hear all that moaning
Let's scream it, are you ready baby
[Chorus: Khalil]
Girl I think it's time for bed
But I ain't tryna go to sleep so just bring your body to me
Cause it's time for bed
See I'm gon' give you what you need, when we roll around in them sheets
Cause it's time for bed, time for bed
Yeah, girl it's time for bed, time for bed
Girl I think it's time for bed
It's time for bed
[Verse 2: Justin Bieber]
And I know that I can turn you on
Gasping for air until the early in the morn'
And I don't know if you're on the shit I'm on
But I swear that you'll be going back asking me for more, when I take your breath

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