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Heaven Again - text

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What can I do?
What can I do?
To find something better to do than this,
I've been sitting around thinking of everything that I've done wrong.
I've been playing it over and over in my head,
Been thinking about something that I might've said to you,
To make you go so far away,
And it makes think of,
I tried so hard,
To find out where I've been,
I've been playing my cards,
But I never ever win,
And If I fall short,
Will you pick me up from this mess,
And be my heaven again?
Be my heaven again
I'm trying to figure out is the life I live
And anything that I'm trying to give
Because I see,
So many people just thinking about themselves,
And no one else.
Is that what this life's about,
Getting what you want out of it, and leaving the others out
Cause I don't think that's the passion of love,
Or anything of the above I just want to find,
Somebody who knows,
The answer and how it goes
Cause I've been think to myself,
That we can do better for ourselves in the end,
I've been dreaming out loud
Trying to figure all this out,
Could you be my heaven again,
Could you be my heaven again
Cause I don't want to die alone,
I don't want to be afraid,
I don't want to sit back and think about my day,
And everything that we try,
I try so hard sometimes
Just to find out when we belong in the end
Trying to figure out who we are,
Trying to figure out who we are,
Trying to figure out who we are, one more time
Trying to figure out who we are
And it gets so hard sometimes,
Trying to figure out this life
And everything thing in between
We try so hard sometimes
But we never perceive it for us
Maybe we can find a riddle or two
To get back to what we're supposed to do
This love, This life.

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