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Even though I try
Not to think of you
Every now and then
I admit, I do
And I know
That were gonna meet again
And I wonder how
You will treat me then
And will it be awkward
Or what will I say
Coz we haven't spoken
Since that day
Will you look the same
Will I reconize
That amazing glint
That was in you eyes
Will you show that I'm upset
Will say that I'm not over yet
Will you make some lame excuse to go
Will you say you've got to run to catch a bus
When we'll see each other
After the end of us
Will i want to cry when we finally meet
Will we meet by chance on a crowded street
Will i fall again for your magic charm
Will you have a new girl on your arm
Will you act like you don't know who I am
Will you shake my hand like a business man
Will you smile and say hello
Like we used to smile not long ago
Will you ask me what's been going on
What kind of shallow topics will we discuss
When we'll see each other
After the end of us
Or will i be stronger
Then i knew i could be
Will i be the one
Who's Surprised by me
Will i be alright
Will i be just fine
Or will i've healed this heart of mine
Will i show that i moved on
Will you see the sadness is all gone
Will you be the one in pain
Will i be the one who's feeling fabulous
When we'll see each other
After the end
When we'll see each other
After the end of us

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