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My heart was like a crumpled piece of paper
It's been wrinkled and shrunk by hopeless ignorance
I saw it blowing over the old wooden floor - isolated from my body
I picked it up and let it sit on the desk
Pull up the pictures until it opened up again
The velocity of the realm
My body with the shape of a blooming flower whole (?)
Became free from all the stray hands
All organs were tumbling around the room
My true visions got let out
Dragging along the wall - full of enjoyment
I can see through the porous sea of birds (?)
----- memory
Unwritten postcards chase off the art of control and lie
Sorrow's on empty (?)
When I released my soul completely
Like then all sensations came out of my body
My feelings seem to begin recovering
From a long, long, long day
I kept on drawing abstract vectors in
One after another
I was helping ----- help me up (?)

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