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[Verse 1]
I always follow Plan A, never follow Plan B
They say that's the safer route, well, maybe that's just certain things
Life's a bitch I like to fuck, I rap, that was my Plan A
So now I thank the lord 'cause I don't ever need that Plan B, hah Every day new challenge, I just found my way out
Focus on progressing and they saying that I changed now
I never change, but I will grow
That's a fact and no one gonna stop be from it
Beyond blessed for what I have
But if I never move forward then I'm bound to plummet
I be training every day no Amtrak
My heart burns for this, no Zantac
We go hard every day, work hard every day
And it brought us this far from the place we began at
That's a fact and I'm proud of it
If they making noise, we louder than
Too strong to stop, we surrounded them
And every shot they take bouncing off the rim
Moving forward doesn't mean it's only numbers growing
Mentally and creatively I just been on to something
My sound's evolving and finally I'm working outside of
This bedroom that's in this crib I'm tryna get my momma out of
Everybody gotta start somewhere
But growing from, it can't scare you
Gotta focus on stepping forward
That's the key to getting to where you
Ugh, trying get there to common net flying private jets
Change the lives that listen to the message
See the road ahead of us
Understand that change will only better us
Probably the reason I'm moving ahead of you
I live for the moment, my family strolling
It's something I don't have to see anymore
I put my soul in this music
My heart, every ounce of this poured in this music
So anyone hating's irrelevant
Fuck it, I'm cool with it, watch what I do with it
Every change you see is a decision I've made
Nobody out here behind the scenes forcing shit on my brain
This is my career, I'm growing with my team every day
But the final choice, will always be the choice that I made
I got the greatest team ever, thank God, did he bless us
While we relish our greatness, the competition play catch up
They can't get where we at, not talking shit it's just facts
But if you scared of progressing we leaving you where you at
Lately life's been amazing, we all great and they hate it
They know how we been rocking, they spot they scared we gon' take it
Cause they know how we work and they know we're destined for greatness
Even though change is coming you best believe I'm the same kid
You gon' wish you fucked with me
When we up and you stuck underneath
And my goals are clear as they gonna be
So you can hate me but, you stuck with me
You stuck with me for the long run
And I don't really give a fuck what you think
Listen here for a minute, I'm here, and I ain't quitting
Tryna hate, give a fuck what you say
Sights are only set on where I'm tryna go
I never pass a class but I've been on a roll
So close to hitting a million milestone
April 12, the day that all your minds are blown.

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