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[Verse 1: TheRealAK]
My vision for this is as far as I see
Dreams are the only things that I believe
It brought me this far, shit, that's all that I need
I'll be at the top and leave you underneath
I don't really give a fuck if
If you tryna give me shit, you mean nothing
Ain't nobody I can really put my trust in
Nowadays everybody stay bluffing
That's why I don't fuck with
No one around me, they doing me dirt
I keep to myself, I be puttin' in work
Focused on me and it's seeming to work
I keep moving up like I'm leaving the earth
Set the bar high with one song, then pass it with the next
I don't really get, how the fuck I do it
Honestly I'm feeling blessed
Never take it for granted, so I don't really flex
Even though I could if I wanted cause I got what people wanted
Just ain't it me to be flaunting
The things that I've earned but I'm on it
To put my town on the map, cause here, a lot of dudes rap
But ain't nobody has ever been on this level I'm at
Shout out South Brunswick, you know where I'm at
Some dudes buggin' when they know that I'm back
When I'm driving in my town, I don't go that fast
I'm just tryna roll in peace like I'm Kodak Black
Graduated high school last year, I'm a rapper now
Said "Fuck school," homie, I don't need a cap and gown
Teachers are yelling me last year are even clappin' proud
Rap games the motherfuckin' ship, but I'm the captain now
No feelings, but these rappers like screwdrivers
Turning into me, beggin' me for a few lines it's
Fuckin' stupid, pathetic, I always knew I would
Make it out with this rap shit, cause I knew I'm just
Too nasty with it
Rap games like a car, I'm whippin' fast as shit
I customize it to be mine like I plastic dipped it
Now they hear a song and they like "That's ridiculous."
[Verse 2: TheRealAK]
But I can't blame 'em, I ain't playin'
Too much sauce, am I insane?
Or am I sane, I can't explain it
I ain't brainless, can't contain, what's in my brain
So I let loose, what I been through
With things I write, it might hurt you, it might irk you
You got your new mans trippin' thinking that he even has a say in what I rap about
Saying what I can and can't do
Fuck him and you, ya'll can suck my dick
I wish ya'll the best, but you can suck my dick
He only knows what you told him, you made me look like shit
But don't forget, I got the screenshots of what you did
You just using this low life, no life ass bastard
Just like you did to me, only he's that mask it
Everything you did in the past, you so classy
Heh, little grimy ass hoe, you so nasty
Dawg, listen, don't get involved, you bound to get played
I fucking promise that bitch doesn't know how to get anything in her life straight
She so out of it, I'm sure you'd get by with fucking her once and bouncing
Heh, that's what the last man did
She go deny it, but like I said, I got screenshots man
World traveling photographers, her only type of man
Just don't say I didn't warn you when it bites you in the end, pussy
That's the last time I'll talk about the bitch, she dead to me
That's exactly what the flower represents
Life is fucking amazing, I'm so proud of what I am
We made huge fucking moves, never doubt what's in my plans
[Verse 3: TheRealAK]
Now let me slow it down, cool off for a minute
I don't get it, why they want that
Everything I say is 100% real, no way you denyin' that it's all facts
Life is gon' throw you some bullshit
But you gotta know to keep pushing
You must learn to learn from it, I know you worry
Just promise me you'll stay determined
People gon' do but they cannot control you
But you've earned your right to explain your life
Through what you love doing, talking through music
Sharing your life with the things you write
Austin, please listen to me now
I know that you don't mean to be foul
You're tellin' your story of how you were broken
But bro it's over, you can breathe now
[Verse 4: TheRealAK]
Glad that's over
Gone out the way, wrapped up like controllers
Probably cause controversy, they gonna roll up
Fuck it, I got a voice that no one taking from me
Part of what I built is from great people relating to me
Fuck up out my way
If you don't, that's a mistake you're doing
Listen to my words, and follow me while I take this journey
Everybody turn to imposters, I'm done with the problems
They come from fucking with those who plottin'
And hurting me when I'm jottin'
The only way I can talk about things that burden my everyday life, I'm brutally honest
Yeah, and I'm so thankful for the good but there's problems
And luckily thanks to music, I can explain what I've gone through
And a bonus from that, it puts some shit in my wallet
See I ain't go to college but look, I'm still living off ryhmin'

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