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[Verse 1]
Look, yeah
Been away from home for like three months
But I promise my family, it's all gon' be worth it
Gone a while, I know, they can't stand it
I ain't gonna lie, man, I hate it too
But a man gotta do what he need to do
Especially if he got big goals
So I need to go ham so the fam will be eating soon
But for now I ain't stressin', I ain't worried 'bout a God damn thing
Only thing on my mind is time, I ain't trying to waste
Then our mindsets are not the same, and that's why
I'ma be the voice, no I won't ever be the echo
Every time I sit and write, I grip the pen, don't want to let go
And I spend so much my time trying to rewind they couldn't let go
I was blind, they come to find that I was tripping; never let go
Of the past 'cause it makes you, but it can also be what breaks you
But it's how you respond when you're falling apart
That really sets you apart, don't let it fake you (uh)
Remember they never was fucking with me
Put in that work, now they fucking with me
It's trippy 'cause I was on go
While they showing me red they ain't know what's up on my sleeve
Moving onto bigger things, bigger things
Man I'm talking 'bout some winner things, winner things
And I'm always gon' be given things, given things
Soon I'll promise they'll be bigger change, bigger change
But only for the better, never for the worse
You chasing after cheddar, I'm chasing after work
I ain't never been a beggar, that's how you got hurt
Gotta stay up on your toes, I'ma always be alert
I ain't never been a beggar, that's how you got hurt
Gotta stay up on your toes, I'ma always be alert
And I wish I could find a way
To let go what's inside my head
All the shit that I wish I said
Before you got up and you left
[Verse 2]
I done took on responsibility with this rap shit
I can save a life with the words and the way I craft 'em
Lately I can tell I been holding my thoughts captive
Worst thing I could ever do, can't let it happen
Weight is on my shoulders, trust that I'ma hold it
Going for the pressure, no quitting, I'm never folding
As I'm getting older becoming less open
Never trust a soul, never honest 'bout their motive
With some time it's gon' be figured out
Only gon' get worse I know the more I'm getting bigger now
And lately I know I been MIA
But lately so much shit has come my way
For the good not for the bad so we okay
Just keep going, going, going 'til we there
'Til we're right where we wanna be
Gotta know where we wanna be
And I'ma get it and they gonna see
Ain't nobody in front of me
I'm a king so they under me
I'ma always be the wannabe
You nothing but a son to me

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