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You and I,
Baby, you and I,
Baby, you and I.
You and I we got that woo wee ghetto love,
See you looking at another chick, now we fighting all up in the club
But when is all said and done we go home and make love.
What can I say, it's you and I, yeah.
You and I, we step on the scene, we're killing them
Dudes be all up in my face, chicks be trying to get at him
'Cause you and I is a hell of a dream team,
Yep, they say we're both crazy, but, daddy, you done raised me
To be a better woman and that's when we go smoke together,
Go drink together, go love together,
Don't leave me, ain't no better.
Baby, you and I
You and I, you and I, you and I
Baby, you and I
It's gone always be.
You and I can beat these upstage competers,
Haters wanna ride us, but baby, we're a two seater
Ain't no room for bullshit, they be on that bullshit
'Cause we always shopping and smoking on that good shit.
Since we're talking good shit, yo sex is that good shit
Mushy, mushy, love when we get good shit
They say we won't make it out, all they do is run their mouth,
Doubt, doubt and look at us, we're something to brag about.
Stars ain't the limit, baby, the space is how we're living, baby
Yeah, we're just driving, that over right is coming.
Baby, you and I, oh, oh, oh [2x]
Baby, you and I [8x]
It's gone always be.
You and I, period, we're the shit, period
Ain't nobody touching this or can come close
You and I in this bed, I pull my back up
We got so hard in this bed when we're making love.
We like the show Ripley's, believe it or not,
It's like making magic when I climb on top
You and I, our love's untitled
Sing to my heart, my American Idol,
'Cause you and I don't need no one else.
We can conquer anything, or any mountain,
We gonna be together on stormy weather, we can do whatever.
You and I, oh, oh, oh
Baby, you and I, oh, oh, oh
Baby, you and I [8x]

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