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These arms will always comfort you
And I hope you do what's best for me.
And I know that you're married and you got them kids,
But this shit's getting real, can't help how I feel.
Hate to ask you to leave, but no more holidays alone
As your house was kindly home.
I need you.
Let my love adorn you, hey, baby.
I'm selfish 'cause I love you,
Always thinking of you,
But I'm going to it and even if I walked away
My heart will still remain.
Let my love adorn you, oh, baby.
Let my love adorn you.
I'm going to it, don't know what I'm doing
I just wanna love you.
Thank you for being a fan,
Travel down the road and back again
Your heart is true, you're a pal and a comforter.

Text pridal Moonblade

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