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The day is long, what the hell is wrong?
I still ain't blown up yet.
And I hate this fucking music that they made me sing,
They can have the deal back, 'cause I won't understand.
I'm so sorry to my fans, I hope you'll understand,
But I have, I'm through, I don't wanna be famous, I'm through.
You can't tell me what to sing no more.
Now I'm living through the music,
I'm the best, now time to prove it, hey
What you mean you don't believe in me?
'Cause you never see me on the KBJ.
But wait 'till I date a rapper, media take out before and after.
That's when I'll be a star in your eyes.
Why I still do this shit? I don't know why.
Feel like a rolling stone rolled away from home.
Should I find a rich man, have his kids and sit at home?
No, I wanna sleep under stars with the clouds in my eyes,
I wanna found me a man who'll love me for life.
He'll love me for life.
What do I do when all the liquor's gone?
'Cause I will need to pour another just to finish these songs
That I don't wanna sing.
All renegate a long way from home.

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