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No more waiting for your calls tonight
I could sleep without you by my side
Now my day is starting out just right
No more post-traumatic endless fights
Oh I like to view the mirror wow
No more ugly lines that linger now
I could walk in stride and feel the bounce
And my world had finally turned around
I’m losing the tears and wearing a smile
After all those years, now it’s worth my while
I could never believe that my yesterday’s whack
With a sigh of relief, I am moving on back
Though I thought I’ve never ever survive
Yet a single day without you by my side
No more crying nights ‘cause I’m finally sober
I could once again breathe and I’m glad it’s over
Now, wow, I’m finally sober
Now, wow, I’m glad it’s over
I’ve deleted your name in my speed dial
And replaced your old photo and there’s no denial
Down with the verdict, no more mistrial
I’ve won the case, now I’m kicking it my style
For without you made me realize
That there’s so much out there for my eyes
Well beyond rain and dark grey skies
Is a multi-colour rainbow life

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Julie Anne San Jose

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