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Fun in life
Fun in play
Fun in everything I
Do and say
You concede
Because, you can’t beat me
You can try
But you’ll never succeed
Because I look and I love
So much better with you
And I need all those things
That you never need
Fun in life
Comes to claim me
Pussyface, pussyface
Save, save, save, save me
You, you and I believe
I’m not the only one
With things up my sleeve
But you know that I’m waiting
Waiting for you
And you know that I’m dreaming
Of things that you do
You could hardly believe
All the things that I’ve done
You could hardly believe
I’ve already won
Fun in life
Is History
Look at the things you do to me
I love the way you walk
The way you lick my fingers
Yes and the way ya, the way you talk
One day
I’ll shy away
From my labour of love
And the feelings of victory
Wasting time
You’ll never ever see those things I’ve seen
You could hardly believe
I could do them at all

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