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Hello? Oh my God
I know this ain't you calling me again
Oof, ooh my God
Yeah, yeah, it's him *laughing*
Hello? What in the fuck did I tell you about calling me?
You found out 'bout who? *laughing*
Yeah, I bet you did found out about me and who
Yeah, I fuck with him, I fuck with him for real *laughing*
Oh, you mad now?
Nigga, you ain't mad about shit *indistinct laughing*
Okay, whatever *laughing*
I'll talk to you later, okay?
Nah, nah, I ain't even gon' talk to you later
Don't, like I said, delete my number
Why in the fuck is you still calling me?
Why you pressed about me fucking on him?

Text pridala SimoneZ

Video přidal Yaik

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