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On The Money - text

Ego don’t ever get you anywhere but now I know to speak up let my voice be known
I won’t sit back pretend my name hasn’t been called
As if I’m running from my goal
I’ll face the music with my soul
Don’t talk to me like I am just a child
I’ve sold more stories than you’ve ever told
Don’t be fooled softest touch but selfish growth
This driving force won’t let me go
If you’re telling me the truth
Should be something plain to see
And you don’t even know what the truth is meant to be
Listen to what I say
Cause unassailably and scientifically it’s on the money
Advice is something we can choose to take
I’ve learnt from teachers that could orchestrate this whole wide world
You’ve got to think between the lines and on your feet
Step up to the grade with no defeat
Appearances are deceptive look at me
You’ll say what you can to try and break my stand
You just try your best but I’ll keep on bouncing back
It’s all in your head go deal with that instead.

Text pridala MissLilly

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