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Sad King Billy - text

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You preach of art from your streets,
That has conquered everyone but me
Come again?
Soul food that keeps me going you find
Tedious to say the liest
I said come again?
By now we should know our ground
This aint no time
For us to write
good news break away
As Billy comes and saves the day
A place for those who havent lost their way
Offer me a ride to your utopia
My precious muse is worthless here
She 's taking me away
To a crowd where im all alone
Joined by my mortal remains
That twist and scream and moan
And though that im convinced
That my music saves the day
All i need to know
Is what would Billy say?
Lil' girl from Cali thought of another
Way to please the crowd
Not again...
Desecrated jaded long long awaited
Story of her first night out
I said come again?
The hatred for my kind
Is burning through my veins
And my leftover mortal parts
Still screaming and cryin' away
And though that im convinced
That my own view shows the way
Still i cant resist
To ask what would Billy say

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