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The Quisling Celebration - text

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Blockhead march-past "Miss empty face"
Quisling's summer Olympic games
Iron elbows for hurdle race
Puppet show on wide open stage
Innocent thoughtless applause
over the ground
Non faced clapping masses
all around
Treason art
Serpent's fashion
Only trust is denied
Let's toll the bell...
News on cringers championship
with no backbone - a way more easy
Hey, get ready for ruthless run
backdoor open, no scorn no fun
The traitors still stand in first line
that mirrors what nation we are
instead of let the eat own manure and to drink blood
we pretend seeing nothing
hear twice nothing
deaf and dumb.
With no courage there?s no way to win
with arrogance in harmony
when morality is a fake
centuries left to awake
When facing blind public
stay in mask
Important double meter
still at hand

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