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Download your outlook
Uplink your input
Flip the kill switch
It's the golden glitch
Is your cable stable
Are you willing and able?
To go and face the fire
My digital wire?
You get the wire and I'll get the digital
We got the science, so let's get metaphysical
Who dropped the knowledge, I need to pick it up
I got a fire in my wire and it don't give a fuck
Duck, duck, goose no excuse to run around
Gigawatt spot stopped and came to get down
So when you're burnin' and returnin' don't go too fast
Might use you up and you just might crash
I don't wanna die or be left behind
But it's all moving too fast
And you don't want the truth just something new
And now you're about to crash
Reboot your mind state
Hurry up and then wait
Find your function
Digital corruption
Software or hard
My screen is scarred
Computer consumed
Will spell your doom
Doom fills the room as boom fills the speaker
Get upset when the tech tries to play you like a tweaker
Freak a beat when it's sweet and come numb when it's dumb
It's all about where you at so fuck where you from
Look what you took and thump what I bump
I got a rhyme full of reason and pocket full of funk
Skip the greed, what you need is a vision of self
'Cause sellin' earth for some turf is bad for your health

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