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Get Off My Back - text

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You think “I’m sorry” would wipe off your guilt
All your use all the pain that you’ve caused inside me
I hate that scent that once made me so weak
Now it hurts, makes me sick as I force me to bleed
I chose the hard way to pay for my acts, what a pitiful being you are!
You know forgiveness is something you earn,
What you gain through your suffering hell !
Suffer and hurt!
Now get off my back
You fuckin’ bitch watch me tearing off my skin ‘till I get rid of your smell
Removing scars and removing your scent,
Once for all ‘till I get to be reborn.
I count the days I am facing my fears ‘till
I break free from my self This cell can’t hold me, can’t face my screams
One of us will stay and of one of us will go
Now get off my back

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