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I don't know who I am
I have never really truly
Never truly really
Never really loved
I've never really loved
I've never truly really loved
In memory of
The sea took him
Too young to die
Mysterious circumstances
I've never really loved a dog
I've never really loved a dog
I've never really loved it
Last night I took my birth control with rosé
While you were sleeping, I was dreaming that
You were sleeping
You were living a life and I was living as a...
Oh my god! Shit!
Thank God!
Keep that birth, under control!
It's still dawn, but the sun is rising
Shapes are appearing
And colours are slowly being painted onto the cars
In the parking lot and on her internal organs
(The colours are dancing
And you're dancing along)
Revolution is debt! What you know is coming
Useless algorithms! But what it is
Near human
I must be near human
Smells like under moss
Down in the deep
Underwater light
I lay down on the rim of the canyon, and open my hand
I imagine I am dropping ashes of myself into the void
I pull my hand back, afraid that I have lost you in the offering

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