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Renée Falconetti of Orléans - text

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Did you notice how beautiful colored eyes are?
Have I been saved? Don't know what to do; are we being saved?
Renée, Renée
The camera is a mirror, but mine, not yours
For a hundred days you are a virgin or a young boy
You are not sure; I'm never sure
Innocence it's just too kinky, isn't it!
Your hair is too short and your face is too big
Too close to be anybody (anybody)
It is an act of love
He enters you through your body
His voice is an act of love
His eyes through you like holy water
He says, he says "live bare and barely;
Live bare and barely, barely for me"
Live like an act of love
An act of love
Let it sing to you like holy water
Like holy, holy water
It gone deep and hold down, holy water
You open your mouth: bulimia of burning
Bulimia me of burning
You throw yourself up the nose, the clothes, the bruise
The thighs, the cheekbones, the cheekbones, the hands
I'm been down to throw myself up
The forearms, the tongue, the breasts, the upper chest
The face, the face, the face, the face
Your face, my face, the face, my face
Your face, my face, your face, the face
The face, my face

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