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Mephisto in the Water - text

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This spring
Holds a killer in her claws
She comes up with the river that climbs the mountainside
She climbs up the ribs, climbs up the lips
With a swing in her hips
The springtime, the springtime is here
It sprung from my chest as the blood in the sudden stings, love
My heart is a beak in a mouth that sings
Hey, what do you see? Hey, what do you hear?
The sound of the sea, or the sound of your heart?
Heart, heart, heart, heart, heart
(Are you counting yourself?)
Nervous, nervous instead
The water, the water, the waves
Release her, release her from me
Are you counting yourself?
The spring, the spring
I cover my ears (Cover my ears)
And open my mouth (Open my mouth)
The depth seeps into my bones
Like it's floating in salt water
Ooh, water
When I slip into the water
Covered by the gentle waves
I follow a trail, a secret
Pattern that passes right through you
Driftwood tongue, but lips unsolving
A black vegetable soup of hair and teeth
I run out to you
I run out to them
I run out of bullets
I run out of you
I run out of you
I run out of you
I run out of you
I run out

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