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I called you, but only in my mind
What I really did was to
Undress not the body but me and you
Word by word til we almost touched
I wanted to say everything
But instead I gave up writing
I gave up sublimation
I gave up trying
But I promise you that I
Didn't give in
I didn't give in
I didn't give in
I just give
So everything cut and flickered
And ever feel a pillow-less seat, (?), a tampon?
Is there a difference that you're (?)
Desire, can you fragment?
It's like a sentence, hidden, broken down
Into letters
I extend you those letters
There, your little prisoners on your lip
Oh, I'm so in love
Oh, I'm so endlessly in love
I am a sugar-giver
(Like (?) clothes)
(Like a cloud, you know?)
I am a sugar-giver
I am so love
Oh, I'm so helplessly L-O-V-E

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