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Transient, restless
I'm not there, or not there yet
But if I'm coming I must be hollow enough
I follow the body, I mustn't rest
When I'm near you become someone else
I'm so tired of subjectivity
I must justify my presence by losing it
Must not keep a steady gaze
Keep a steady gaze
When I'm near you become someone else
Here it comes, here it comes
Here it comes
A strange slow rhythm, not exactly creating a rhythm
Here it comes
In and out of focus, vulnerable, the original crevasse
In a moment of confusion I don't know what to say
And I hear myself ask:
Where does it hurt to create curves for the gaze?
The body as a subconscious
And desire takes place somewhere, everywhere
Here it comes
Here it comes
Here it comes (In the dampness of)
Here it comes (Winter air between us)
Here it comes (In the restlessness of hotel rooms)
Here it comes (The smell of Spanish wetlands)
Here it comes
In the way you say:
It hurts everywhere

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