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Black Morning/Viscera - text

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I woke and found outside my door
A black lake rippling against the hand
Its tongues lick the flesh from my bones
And replace skin with waves
A bulging eye
I called into the black lake and dove head
Over heels into the water
And pulled out my heart from the seaweed
A pounding eye
O it's golden, it's golden, it's golden
I came back with a broken summer and a broken spine
Grazed by the heat and stung by the night
Tried yoga, couldn’t do yoga
Wasn’t the stretches, nor the downward dog
It was a breathing thing
And upside down, I felt my organs fall
Through my throat
One by one: liver, lungs, lungs, liver
Lungs, lungs, lungs, LIVER!
They came fast like fingers
Inside-out in one snap
And then the vocal cords
Flowed like seaweed out of my mouth

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