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In my dream, you are slippery
My interest grows immediately
You have seaweed between your fingers, lips and limbs
Amphibious, androgynous
Ninety-eight percent water
I try to write love songs
But my words remain in my hands
And my hands fall to the floor
Somewhere in the distance something hurts
I dream i have a lover made out of twigs
I snap his lips, snap his limbs when we kiss
Yes you're him
The way it goes
This world is me
The dream doesn't fade, it keeps worrying me
I try not to hurt you, but in my dream
The twigs keep breaking
I touch so gently but they snap
And when you open your mouth to speak
You make no sound
Silently gobbling up black sap
In real life I haven't even seen you up close
Only from below
In the dream you are silent
And i am (....)
I try to write love songs
But with every word
I can hear the twigs breaking
Somewhere in the distance something hurts
The next day it is
I who break
It's a clear spring day
And I fillled with sky
Ninety-eight percent blue
A day i'll find myself downing black things:
Coffee, raisins, raw chocolate
I can feel my bones
Burn to coal
My blood burns to oil
Black self, i'm becoming you

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